Monday, September 22, 2008

In this edition of "Today At The Craft Store"...

I stopped at Michael's today to get some foam paper to make manipulatives (math toys) for my Math for Elementary School Teacher's class. All the Halloween stuff was out of course, but it was being pushed aside for even more Christmas stock. This is to be expected at craft stores. Everything becomes available a season or two before the actual holiday so you have time to do your crafts. But seeing this stuff out early in regular department stores still puts me off.

Anywho, I looked at all the Christmas and Halloween stuff. They had a bunch of those little Christmas village houses all set up. Part of me wants to start collecting them. I blame the Bongiovanni genes. As much as I'd like to I think Aunt Cathy has the crazy Christmas village category all tied up.

So I didn't get any Christmas stuff. But I did get these!

The smaller print on the sign says, "Check out our exciting Electroscope Special! We carry the most Demure & Distinctive Dissection Jars. Free Rusty Lancets for the Kiddies!" Yeah, you guessed it. It was the rusty lancets that sold me on this one. It's made in China though, so don't put it in your mouth or anything. Then again at the rate they're going it could be radioactive. Sometimes I wish I had a geiger counter just for the fun of it.

The other thing is, of course, a cookie cutter in the shape of a witch's (or wizard's) hat. I'm going to have so much fun with this one. I told God I'd make cookies for the office at Pt. Fermin.

I dunno what I'm gonna do this year in terms of holiday cookies. Usually I make them for everyone as Christmas gifts but no one's around to eat them this year. I guess I could still ship them overnight and not tell the postman. Yeah, that's it.

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