Saturday, September 13, 2008

Disneyland cometh

With the Oregon trip wrapped up you can be sure yet another account of Disneyland is on the way. Expect a lot of these. I am an annual passholder you know. In the meantime I'm off to the theatre with my grandparents to see Dolly Parton's one woman show. Hey, it's free theatre.

I think I'm going to miss Jerome's old hair more than his wife. Sure, she got to play with it more but I got to plait it with little ribbons and flowers that one time.

I mean, just look at this, will you? Here we have Old Jerome, early 2007.

Aaaaaaaaaand New Jerome. Present Day.

It still does not compute :( Oh well, at least he's still a geek. Keep up the Good work, Jerome.

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