Sunday, August 3, 2008

We made it!

Ok, I know I'm behind on posts here so I'll try and start at the beginning. The night before we left I was rushing to finish some last minute sewing projects. I got one of them mostly done and tossed a baggie with some thread, needles, and scissors into my luggage with the intention to finish the rest before the festival. I slept for about twenty minutes before it was time to get ready to leave.

So Skeeve called me at six am and I got dressed and pulled all my last minute things (like medication) together and went outside to wait for Skeeve and her mom. Quizmo came puttering down the road in Huckleberry, an old 1968 Volkswagon Bus, at about 7:00 and we were off to the airport! We were a little worried about traffic but we made it to LAX a little more than an hour before our flight was scheduled to leave. I hadn't been to LAX in a loooong time so it was ...interesting to see how things changed. I don't think I liked it. Security was a bitch but thankfully did not take very long. We waited around a bit for our plane--it was tiny! Like...a cramped little bus with wings. It was really claustrophobic inside. Skeeve had the right idea about sleeping through the flight. Unfortunately the chairs were not very comfortable, my back was very unhappy. I listened to my iPod and dozed for most of the flight. The flight itself wasn't so bad until we came to the landing. It was a bit like being on a bad roller coaster. I was mildly nauseous when we finally got off and boy was I happy to be on the ground.

Once we got into the Eugene Airport we discovered something amazing. People here can fly!!!!

I wish we'd known that earlier. It would have saved us a lot of trouble. Eugene Airport was pretty cute, a little bigger than Long Beach Airport. We walked over to the baggage claim to get our luggage and soon learned that the ducks here dress like skanks. This one here certainly isn't setting a good example for young ducklings.

After shaking our heads disapprovingly at the duck of questionable morals, we went over to the Enterprise desk to pick up the rental car. This was my very first car rental ever. I was actually shocked at how quick and easy it was. The Enterprise guy asked me which insurance plan I wanted, had me sign for the car, swiped my card and handed me the keys. We got a little red Kia Spectra with a full tank of gas. Yay ^.^

We found the hotel after a little misdirection and decided to get lunch before checking in. We found the Oregon equivalent of Coco's/Carrows across the street from the hotel. Up here it's called Shari's and, like Coco's, it's open 24 hours. Skeeve had a sammich of some kind while I tried the egg's benedict. It was good. Not, y'know "omg awesome" but good. Basically like Norms or Carrows.

We got to check in to the hotel early and drop off our stuff. We asked the lady at the front desk where the nearest grocery store was and went to get water and other drinks we thought we might want. We came back and napped for a good three or four hours. I worked on some sewing for a bit until we decided we were hungry. After a bit of research we found out that there was a BJ's Pizza near by. So we had that. It was nomful. ^.^

Did I mention that people are really nice here? And that most of them actually drive at the speed limit? Which is 55 on most of the highways. It's nice though. Refreshing. I'd like to explore other areas of Oregon before I make up my mind but this might be someplace I'd like to live one day. Oh, yeah. Did I mention that's it's green here? Like, really green? Everywhere you look you're surrounded by trees. It's pretty cool.

So we had pizza and messed around with the TV. I tried to make a post the first day we got here but blogger was down :( So I'm going to post the backlog of each day on separate posts. Come back tomorrow for Faerieworld's part 1! Hopefully...

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I knows that ducke. That's Missus Downey lives near Genua and her morales aint'nt questionable, theys summat flexible like. Could do a better hat though, should have some feathers. A hat's not a hat without some feathers I says. 'cept professional pointy hats o course. Still waitin to here about the faeire. -mum