Sunday, August 24, 2008


Update on some news from Faerieworlds. The pictures from this years event are up on the website and Skeeve and I can be seen in one of them. I don't have a paint application on this computer (oddly enough) otherwise I'd draw a little arrow or something. Skeeve and I are the pink and blue faeries in the inner circle on the right hand side. My hair is up in a bun if that helps and Skeeve is wearing her pink tutu. You can always try for a better look at the website here.
This photo is copyright Kyer Wiltshire 2008

I've just found another that features us. This one has me in the exact center of the shot in the inner circle. Again, I'm the one in blue with my hair in a bun. Skeeve is to the left (my right) in pink partially hidden behind the Greenman. This one's actually up on the homepage which is pretty neat. If you go to the Faerieworlds website and stare at it for a while this one will come up. Here's the link for this particular picture: link!

This photo is copyright Byron Dazey 2008

Edit: these pictures are from the spiral dance, by the way. In case anyone was wondering.

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