Sunday, August 10, 2008

Just Pictures

As promised, me and Timmy with Brian and Wendy Froud

OMG he drew on my program!

I got henna on our last day. Was really neat but most of it's gone now :(

Skeeve's new tribal belt. I bought one in green.

Woodland, the Froud family, and everyone else who helped to organize Faeriworlds, gathered onstage to say goodbye

Close up of the Lady from the festival altar

The bridge leading into the festival and out to the parking lot

Eep! Gargoyles in the trees!

Trillian Green flautist, Jarrod Kaplan, with stilt performers

Toby Froud with Ignax, talking to kids and answering questions. Behind him on stage is storyteller Mark Lewis.

Crow from a visiting wildlife rehabilitation/education center. Feasting on...something. Best not to ask

Pygmy Owl

Turkey Vulture

Red Tailed Hawk

My full ensemble for Bad Faeries Day. Will take better pictures of each piece of clothing that I worked on

Fire dancers with flaming hula hoops. Wooo!

Guy in a phoenix mask setting the scene and introducing the dancers

Guy with a marionette. One kid was absolutely fascinated and would not stop following him around

Skeeve in the outfit I made for her, consisting of skirt, top, and wrist-warmers. The skirt has bells!

View of the landscape behind the winery/festival area

Emillio Miller-Lopez of Woodland preparing for the first set

An un-blurred shot of Woodland and the Froud Good Faeries Light Show

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