Saturday, August 9, 2008

Faerieworlds Part III-Family Day

Ok, it seems that we're having loading problems, so there aren't as many pictures on this post as I originally intended. I'll try later on a separate post and see if blogger will let me upload more.

We woke up closer to 9:30 this time. Went down stairs, got breakfast, carried it back up, and got dressed for the last day of Faerieworlds. I decided to ditch the wings for day three and be an elf. So I put on my ears and the lovely silk chemise that God and Richard bought me. Skeeve went tribal and wore her new skirt and tassel belt, and also ditched the wings. Wings are fun and all but eventually you get tired of the elastic around your arms. That's why I'm looking at getting a pair of these babies for Halloween: Fancy Fairy. You can wear them with straps or slide them into your corset/bodice/bra and they stay up! I'm looking at the "Titania" style for myself. A proper fairy needs more than one pair of wings after all.

So we got to Faerieworlds and the first thing we did (after using the restrooms) was say hi to Brian Froud before I lost my nerve. I geeked out. I was such an idiot. But Brian was very nice and he even drew on my Faerieworlds program and the print I bought for him to sign. He drew on them. Holy crap, I couldn't believe it. We even got him and his wife Wendy to take a picture with me and Timmy (I'll post it later). They probably thought I was nuts, but Timmy met Brian Froud and that's good enough for me.

After that we had some wine. We were at a winery after all. Skeeve and I both had a glass of 2005 Muller Thurgard, which is a white wine on the sweet side. It was nummy ^.^ I wanted to bring back a bottle for God but she's been having digestive problems lately so I passed it up. Skeeve and I liked it so much though that we bought a bottle for later. Num! We had cupcakes
from The Divine Cupcake again. All the cupcakes were made entirely from Vegan ingredients. We agreed that the pumpkin cupcake was the best by far.

The staff at Faerieworlds was so considerate. They had people wandering around with continuous water sprayers to keep everyone cool. Though, really it wasn't that hot for those of us who are used to it. They walked through the crowds and kept all the dancers cooled off. They even had this lovely moroccan style tent set up where everyone could sit in the shade and eat or just lay around and chill. It was nice. We could use those water sprayers at RenFaire. Oh...except that wouldn't be "period accurate" would it? *sigh*

I got a picture of the altar at the front of the stage before the day was over. I did mention that this was en extremely Pagan event, right? Good. So they had an altar set up for three days with an image of The Lady in stained glass. I have a close up of her if anyone's interested. Atendees were welcome to leave offerings for the duration of the festival. It was all very nicely orchestrated.
We listened to Trillian Green from Seattle WA, which I guess you could describe as an acoustic celtic/tribal band with some psycho-tantric influence. I dunno who's responsible for naming all these genres but I swear sometimes I want to smack them. My brain can only keep up with so many levels of classification. But moving right along...Trillian Green was really, really, cool.
They have that kind of middle eastern/celtic sound that I find myself drawn to. I know, it doesn't make sense to me either, I just like the way it sounds and I find it fun to dance to. Let me tell you something though, you have not heard a cello until you've heard it amplified over some huge speakers accompanied by flute, mandolin, and all manner of percussion. I've always liked the way cellos sound. I even played one for a while. Erm...till I broke it. Amplify the sound, though, and it's totally wicked awesome. I'll probably see if I can buy one of their CDs online somewhere. It looks like they have a website but it's not quite up and running yet. Will definitely check up on them again. So, the cellist was awesome but the flautist, who shall henceforth be known as "Flute Man" was totally rockin' out! He was all over the stage with
that flute and there was some wicked fingering going on as well. Out of the three of them he was probably the most fun to watch.

Oh yeah, Skeeve bought something along the lines of three pairs of armwarmers from this elderly fairy, who was very sweet. I don't wear armwarmers all too often so I wasn't really planning on buying a set, but she gave me a pair for free! Her reasoning, she explained, was that she has to give away a pair every day or they wont be bought. Think of it as a good karma sort of thing. I picked out a pair made of green velvet with ruffles along the sides. I'm planning to wear them to The Dicken's Faire in San Francisco if I can figure out the dates for Dad.

Faerieworlds closed early for it's last day so everyone came out to say goodbye shortly after Trillian Green finished their set. There wasn't really a closing ceremony like I had been expecting. The orchestrators of the event just basically got up onstage and thanked
everyone for being there. It was a lot a fun and, like I said earlier, there was a lot of power flying around that place. We didn't really want to leave. The good news is that Faerieworlds is continuing to grow in size with each year. It was announced that next year the festival area will be expanded to accommodate the increasing number of guests and vendors. My prediction is that it's going to become at least as big as The Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire within the next two or three years.

There is also going to be a Faerieworlds in February at the original location in Arizona (need to look that up) where the very first Faerieworlds was held. Yaaaay. I probably wont be able to afford that if I want to go to Oregon again next summer but yaaaaay anyway. I definitely want to go again next summer but hopefully I'll be able to find someone to drive up there with me. Elfie does not like tiny planes. I'd much rather drive up and stop off in San Francisco to say hi to Dad and get pizza. Mmmmm, Zach's *drool*

So that's the end of Faerieworlds for now, but not the end of the Oregon trip. Stay tuned to hear about The Heceta Lighthouse and the World's Largest Sea Cave!

Mark Lewis the storyteller. He was great, too. Timmy liked his stories a lot. ^.^

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