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Faerieworlds Part 1: Good Faeries Day

OMG, OMG, I met Brian Froud...and I acted like such an idiot. Ugh. I keep telling myself that he and Wendy are used to crazy people. In reality I probably wasn't that bad and I probably didn't babble that much, but man do I feel like a dork :P I did get a signed print and a picture though. Anyway, more about that later. I just needed to get that out of my system.

Ok. So, Faerieworlds. Right. We didn't sleep much Thursday night but still somehow managed to wake up early for free breakfast in the lobby. I had a cinnamon bun and some yogurt. Skeeve got some frosted flakes and attempted to make her own granola yogurt concoction.

Timmy and Jeb are excited!

After breakfast we started to get dressed. Friday was Good Faeries Day so Skeeve and I wore our good Faerie outfits. Here's Skeeve in the wings and tutu I made for her. Yes, I made that. There's outfit number one for you curious people. The red portion has gold bells on it so Skeeve got to go *jingle jingle* aaaaaall day.

We left a bit later than we originally intended but luckily the festival wasn't scheduled to start until 2:00. Yay for late sleepers ^.^ We looked up directions and headed over to Secret House Winery around 1:00. It took about half an hour each way so it was basically like going to Disneyland. Only with more green stuff. We found the winery and followed the faeries directing traffic. I forgot my gimp sticker so we didn't get to park in the "Alter-abled" parking lot next to the entrance. Yes, they really call it that. But walking is good for you, so we didn't mind.

We waited in a long line for our will call tickets and when we finally got up to the front the lady gave us each a bag with a whole bunch of stuff in it! I think it was because we both got weekend passes. Way to get your $60 worth! Inside was, among other things, a car decal, an issue of Realms of Fantasy Magazine, and a book! We decided that we like these people, we like them a lot :D

So we got there in time for the opening ceremony, which was very cool. There was a Native American shaman who led us in a blessing ritual for the earth. Everyone turned around and thanked the people next to them for being there. I guess certain aspects of the ritual were like Catholic mass, which isn't all that surprising, except that at this event everyone was actually sincere. Our shaman asked us to reach down and touch the earth and everyone did without even questioning it. It was just a natural thing to do. There was a lot of power flying around that place, lets leave it at that.

After the blessing came the spiral dance, which is basically like a big Pagan conga line. Everybody there joined hands and danced and when I say everybody I mean a whole lot of people. It was great. The bands played a classic fiddle tune and Skeeve and I danced and were tugged all the way to the center and back out again. I don't have any pictures of this because I was participating (duh!) but there should be pictures of this year's Spiral Dance up on the Faerieworlds website within a couple of months. Go check em out, maybe you'll see me. I was laughing and grinning my ass off, it was so much fun. Everyone turned around and hugged each other when the dance was over. I hugged Skeeve as well as two perfect strangers and no one thought it was weird or anything, it was awesome.

After that we walked around and looked at the vendors. I bought stuff. I'd tell you what but it's all kind of in a pile on top of my luggage right now. I'll post a list of everything when I get home and I've had the change to inventory it all. There were lots of organic/vegetarian/vegan foods available. Skeeve and I had pepperoni pizza from a N.Y. pizza place. We got to chat with them for a bit while we waited for pizza to come out of the oven. Turns out it was their first year at Faerieworlds too! Later on Skeeve and I got cupcakes from this place called The Divine Cupcake. We both had pumpkin and they were really good.

I brought Timmy with me of course but it turns out I had no place to put him. So I did what any Ren Faire wench would do...I stuck him in my cleavage.

Everyone loved Timmy and I quickly became known as "that girl with the hedgehog". Oh yeah, see those green things behind me? Those are called trees. Say it with me: treeeeeees.

We sat around for a bit and enjoyed the music. Skeeve and I were both kinda sleep deprived so there was a point where we just sort of hung out in the shade and rested. Then it got dark and it was time for Woodland and The Brian Froud Good Faeries Light Show. It was awesome. Skeeve and I danced all about like a couple of hippies and sang along to the songs that we knew. I took a bunch of pictures, but for the sake of load time I'm only going to post one of the entire band. I thought this one here was interesting. It has "orbs" in it which, if you watch Ghost Hunters, you'll know are the result of refractions of light from stuff like dust and water vapor and there was mist going on behind the band when the photo was taken. They're not what I'd call a reliable sign of spirit energy but they sure do look neat.

Faeries or dust? You decide.

After Woodland there were fire twirlers! Wooo! It was fun. This guy in a phoenix mask came out and told us a story about a djinn and a Firebird. And then the fire twirlers danced around and it was epic!


This guy was on stilts!

There was a drummer right next to us providing background music. He was actually singing "Gypsy Fire" by Heather Alexander! But he changed the chorus to Phoenix Fire and Skeeve and I were not sure that we approved. We sang along with the verses anyway even through I kept saying "gypsy fire" out of habit. Pretty soon it was midnight and the winery people told us we had to leave *sad face* I guess they didn't want all the faeries to turn into baby pumpkins and overtake the grapes or something.

So Skeeve I made the long walk back in the car...and got lost. Let me remind everyone that Faerieworlds is in Oregon wine country. There are no lights. It is dark. And kinda creepy. At least when you are lost. I didn't go with my instinct and turned the wrong direction when we exited the winery. But eventually I turned around and we made it back to the 126 HWY and got home safe within a half an hour. We decided we were hungry when we got back to Eugene so we changed clothes and went back across the street to Shari's. Yay for 24 hr diners. After that Skeeve and I went back to the hotel and messed around some more with the TV and the computer. We watched clips of Peter Pan with Mary Martin. I forget why. The more we watched the clearer it became that I had either forgotten or never realized quite how...flamboyant Captain Hook was in that production. But that's ok. That's why Captain Hook has always been one of my favorite pirates ^.^

And then we went boom and fell asleep. The end.

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