Thursday, August 7, 2008

Faerieworlds Part II-Bad Faeries Day

Deep within the forest dark
Lies a beast with baleful bark
Feasting on an infant's soul
Cross it's path and pay the toll

Aire! Gruagach Aire! Gruagach!

Yes, it's Bad Faeries Day. But apparently not "bad" in the sense that they're going to kill you and bathe in your blood. At least not at this time and place.

Skeeve set the alarm on her phone for 10:30 and we must have slept through it because we didn't wake up until around 1:00. We missed the free breakfast in the lobby, which wasn't a huge deal as it was mainly cereal, bacon, eggs, yogurt, and mediocre cinnamon rolls. We decided we needed breakfast before we left so we put on some clothes and went over to Shari's. I brought my coin bra and continued to embellish it while we waited for our food. I'd meant to be done with it last night but I couldn't keep my eyes open. I finally managed to finish it after we got back to the hotel. It's fun. It goes "clacky clacky" ^.^
I'm planning on adding a few more trinkets here and there, but this is what I had time for at the moment.

So we were dressed and on the road by I think 4:00 or so. I know, we slept really late. We did get there in time for some good music, however, and we spent some time shopping around as well. Skeeve got a skirt and this awesome tassel belt for a great price. I saw some that I liked, but the one I really wanted wasn't in my size. We both put our names on the mailing list, though, so we should be getting some neat emails pretty soon. Bad Faeries Day was mostly spent looking at things to buy, since we didn't do much shopping the day before. I brought about $500 to Oregon just to buy stuff, most of it birthday gifts from Mom, Dad, and Richard (thanks guys!). I kept hearing Richard's voice in my head going, "you should buy more stuff!" cause, well...he does that when he gives me birthday money.

Skeeve and I were amazed at the prices. This was by far the cheapest faire either of us had ever been to. At RenFaire you can expect to pay $10-$20 more than what an item is worth, but at Faerieworlds nearly everything was reasonably priced. It was awesome. I got myself some hair falls, which are used in tribal/fusion belly dance, for $30. I usually see them for $50+ so I was
very happy. Oh yeah, guess what? The rumors are true: there is no sales tax in Oregon!

We discovered that Ben and Jerry's had a booth there, too. So of course we had to stop and get ice cream. Those are the hair falls, down below by the way. In case you were wondering what the hell I was talking about.

We wandered around some more and found this
great place that makes Faery houses! The company is called Fairy Woodland and they really do make some beautiful stuff. They were even nice enough to let Timmy pose for some pictures! Sorry about the blurriness. The camera kept doing that every so often. Go check out the website so you can see everything in detail because this stuff is really, really, neat. Yes, I'm pimping the website. Anyone nice enough to let Timmy take some pictures with their merchandise deserves it in my opinion.
Perhaps one day I shall build Timmy a little hedgehog/fairy house of his own. I've been wanting to make one for years, it's just been a question of time, space, and materials. I will definitely use some accessories from Fairy Woodland when I make my own house. They have windows and working doors for sale as well as tiny little mailboxes! I think Dad's been wanting to make a fairy house, too. He has this thing for miniatures and he made me a wooden doll house when I was little, including tiny little christmas decorations for it. But back to Faerieworlds!

It got dark eventually and we started to get hungry for real food. Skeeve decided to have pizza again and I tried some chicken pad thai from this other place. The chicken was nothing special, but the noodles were yummy. Then all of a sudden out of the darkness came...a goblin!

Oh noes! He was a quite a cordial goblin though, as he let me take his picture. After our visitor wandered off we sat around and waiting for Qntal and the Bad Faeries light show to start. The music was...ok. Not bad, not great. It was mostly trance music with lyrics taken from medieval poetry, which was fun to dance around to in its own way. But it's not something I'd listen to at my own leisure. I prefer Medeaval Baebes for medieval inspired music, personally. The fun part though was when Toby Froud got up on stage with his friend Ignax (yes, the puppet) and sang along. I took a short video clip, but I'm not posting it here out of respect for the performers. Faerieworlds frowns upon the
unauthorized recording of their artists, so I took this clip for my own enjoyment not for the internets. If you want to see it (it's cute!) email me and I'll send it over. In the mean time here's a picture of Toby with Ignax and Qntal's lead singer. I know you can't see Ignax very
well, but trust me; he was cute! ^.^ I have a better picture of him for another post.

After Qntal came more fire twirlers! Yaaaay! Fire dancing for Bad Faeries Day was staged by Mythmaker (not sure if that's two words or not). They told a story about how the Sidhe became afraid and made the dark faeries leave and the world became unbalanced etc. The choreography was very well done and yes, there was lots of fire. Probably the neatest part was when two guys lit these huge fans by breathing fire at them.
Oh yeah, and did I mention that they also lit hula hoops on fire and then twirled them around their bodies? Holy crap! It was awesome, dude. Just...duuuude.
After the fire dancers it was time to go. Skeeve and I hoofed it back to the car (it was quite a long walk) and made it home without getting lost this time. This time I set the alarm on my phone, since I'm more or less programmed to wake up to that noise. We went to sleep looking forward to our last day of Faerieworlds.

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