Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Moar Pictures

Ok for those who are curious here's a sneak peek at my new set of wings. Yes, of course Skeeve and I will both be photographed with our wings in full costume. I made most of the clothing after all.

Sorry for the crappy lighting. This picture was once again taken using the built in camera on my computer as I still haven't found the USB cord :( I have to pack tomorrow though so no worries. I'll just tear my room apart until find it. I know it's here somewhere...hiding in the corner...mocking me.

I should take a break and feed Pearl though. She just invited herself into my room to tell me that she's hungry. She does that a lot. After that, back to painting!

1 comment:

denise said...

your wings look so beautiful =)
i can't wait to see how the whole costume looks :3