Sunday, July 27, 2008

Look, Ma! I made a blog!

Hi folks. This is the place to read about Faerieworlds, the trip to Oregon, and other adventures from the travel log of The Blue Selkie.

What's that you say? "What the heck is The Blue Selkie?" The Blue Selkie is the name of my trusty ship (i.e. 2005 Ford Focus) and this blog was created to chronicle the many misadventures that happen when we're out to sea.

Technically this particular journey is a cheat since we're not getting to Oregon by way of The Selkie for a couple of reasons. One being the price of gas, another being a lack of alternate drivers. Since I'm not willing to drive to Oregon without a crew Skeeve and I will be taking the plane. We're scheduled to leave Thursday July 31st from LAX at 9:00am and arrive in Eugene at 11:00am. The countdown begins now with only four more days to go.

By the way, this here is Timmy. Say hello Timmy. Timmy was a gift from Skeeve for my 21st birthday. He is now my unofficial mascot and assistant blogger. He is also a hedgehog in case you were wondering. Timmy and his buddy Jeb will be joining us at Faerieworlds. If we're really lucky we'll get Brian Froud to take a picture with him.

So that's that. Stay tuned for progress reports on sewing and craft projects for the festival as well as updates on pre-trip madness. There will be much running around in circles before this is all over.

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